… A new beginning

The first issue of Eternal Bhoomi rolled out in December 2009. This magazine was seeded with the vision of sharing holistic views on ecological and man-made realities and also on positive action to foster Sustainable Living. Most writing on sustainable living seems to focus on ecological, technological and socio economic issues. We believe that a holistic view needs to include psychological, cultural, and educational aspects of life today as well.

Today we find that everyone, and in particular the youth prefer to read articles or view videos from the internet. The time has come we believe to end this chapter of Bhoomi as a printed magazine and focus instead on sharing our work online and through social media. We are not particularly sad at this closure – it is a new beginning as well!

We present to you Eternal Bhoomi magazine in a new avatar as an emagazine where the subscription is free and open to all.

Thank you dear readers, for joining us in this journey…


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Eternal Bhoomi features positive initiatives and stories of activists, philosophers, farmers, teachers, artists and others about living with conciousness of being earth citizens, also great perspectives and articles by renowned writers and thinkers from around the world.