The Way of Gifts

September 30, 2013 Bhoomi Magazine 0

Other Worlds, a woman-driven education and movement building collaborative offers many essays and insights in their website This article shows that other worlds are […]

Roots of Change

September 30, 2012 Bhoomi Magazine 0

The fundamental problem we have as modern societies is the scale and pace of the global economic system. Globalisation is transforming unique individuals into mass […]

Buddhist Economics

June 30, 2012 Bhoomi Magazine 0

E.F. Schumacher was one of the pioneers of the movement towards sustainable living and a follower of Gandhiji. His classic book “Small is Beautiful”- Economics […]

Blue Economy

March 31, 2012 Bhoomi Magazine 0

We need a new economy that encourages entrepreneurs to bring to the market innovations inspired by the way ecosystems work and modelled on the blue […]