Apr Jun 2012

Apr Jun 2012
Development: Seeing the Whole Elephant

Development seems to mean many things to different people and the workd is not uet done with celebrating it.. addicted to its products in many ways, it is difficult to 'see the whole elephant'.. what are we seeing, what do we not see, and what do we not wish to see.


Seeing the Whole Elephant

Educational Institutions and policy makers need to play a role in preparing youngsters for the future. And the future will be determined by the decisions we make about our current development path - whether we shift to a low carbon way of life or not.

India’s Scientific and Technical Traditions

Several profoundly complex societies today are measured by only one yardstick: development. The western societies are considered “developed” countries and the rest are euphemistically called “developing countires”, if they are not totally “undeveloped”. Today with the world grappling with climate change caused principally by the ill effects of “modern development”, in what sense can one assess the so-called developing countries within the parameteres of a single development model?

For Father Jose, Josey to every one who knew him, the front porch was his favorite place to sit and have his morning cup of coffee. The time also meant a ritualistic greeting with the villagers who would pass by his home.