December 2018: Editorial

“If we can practice opening to the crises in our personal lives as teaching moments, as evolutionary stepping stones, we will be far better prepared emotionally and spiritually for the trauma that collapse will foist on us and everyone around us.”
― Carolyn Baker, Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths for Turbulent Times

Carolyn, who calls herself a collapse coach, is right. When the proverbial doodoo hits the fan on our present industrial civilization, it isn’t going to be pretty. The resilience we all show in our personal lives will pave the way for our transition as a society towards a post-petroleum world.

You could say that all the three recipients of Bhoomi’s Senior Fellowship in 2018 have displayed this personal resilience that Carolyn speaks of. They have dug deep into themselves to find reservoirs of resolve and fortitude needed to work towards creating ecological wisdom. It’s been possible because they have dedicated enough time for reflection and contemplation on their personal actions. And out of these private ruminations has emerged their drive to work for something larger than themselves. For Abhishek Thakore, it has been to work towards creating meaningful social change, for Sheeba Sen, it has been to reforest native lands and for Mahesh anna, it has been to popularize natural farming.

This month, we turn the focus on the three Bhoomi Senior Fellows’ journeys, both inward and without. And as we begin to focus, we find the line blurring between the personal and the ecosystem. We contemplate along with the fellows what our revolution will look like and how our journey will be like to this revolution. All this while we get a peak into their inspirations, their fears and vulnerabilities.

So sit back and enjoy being a co-traveller on three remarkable journeys.  Happy reading!

Adil Basha


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