April 2019: Editorial

As grim as it sounds, I’ve read that food was never designed to provide us with comfort. Food, evolutionarily, has been designed to primarily provide us with nutrition and sustenance. And I for one have been ‘triggered’ multiple times by virtual food pornography. There have been times when I have been guilty of the same, indulging in food that has provided little apart from instant gratification and given little or no thought to what it was doing to my body.

The question that arises then is, do we really consume food intentionally anymore? Or do we simply do it habitually most of the time and ‘indulge’ in it occasionally? Most of us seem to have forgotten how to be mindful and conscious while eating. No wonder then that fast eating is as much of an issue today as the fast food itself.

Thankfully, there are initiatives in India that are working towards creating a food system that’s slow, safe and climate resilient. In this issue of the Bhoomi magazine, we focus on one such initiative in Delhi that’s introducing children to the idea of slow food, a citizen led movement in Pune that’s creating community awareness on the idea of safe food and a report from Uttarakhand on how millets making a return to the hillsides might be the most people and planet friendly choice.

Adil Basha

Articles in this issue

When children warmed up to the charm of slow food in Delhi

How a citizen-driven movement is raising awareness about safe food in Pune

How Climate Change has affected the food and farming systems in Uttarakhand




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