About Us

KNA Foundation

The K.N. Ananthasivan Foundation for Education was registered as a public charitable trust in Bangalore in 1995 in memory of Sri K.N. Ananthasivan.

The KNA Foundation has set up the following institutions / organisations :
The Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bangalore
The Bhoomi Network and the Bhoomi Magazine
The Sharavathi Rainforest Education and Research Centre
The Bhoomi College for Sustainability Studies


Bhoomi Network

Bhoomi Network is committed to creating platforms to support critical thinking, collaboration and action for sustainable living. Bhoomi Network has organized several conferences, unconferences, gatherings and festivals on food, health, climate change, education, ecological economics and other issues connected to sustainability.

Readers collect the Bhoomi magazine to re-read pieces by their favorite classic authors. Also, many teachers continue to use articles from previous issues in their classes.The Eternal Bhoomi magazine is available for subscription at our online store. It features positive initiatives of individuals and organisations pioneering sustainable living in India as well as articles on ecology, education, economics for well-being, food, agriculture etc., by renowned writers and thinkers from around the world.