Discovering Art in Nature

Art has the power to heal, just like nature. When we create art in nature we connect to something deep within ourselves. To something which is the source of many of our ideas, inspiration and insights. It gives us new eyes to see with, new ears to hear with and a new understanding. An understanding, that our life is but art in the canvas of nature. 

In March of this year, people across 50+ cities of the world, headed out into nature to celebrate the forests in a unique way. Moving in small groups they took a silent walk in nature to appreciate and create forest art. Participants from across Europe, Americas and Asia, including cities like Lima (Peru), Hitoyoshi (Japan), New York (US), Devon (UK), Graz (Austria), Bengaluru (India) and many more participated in the event. 

The idea was initiated by the volunteers of the Healing Forest project. The project consists of a group of like minded forest friends trying to help people reconnect with nature. The aim is simple. To help people heal and to help forests heal.

This photo essay has been curated by Nitin Das, filmmaker and activist who is leading the Healing Forests movement in India.

















Nitin Das



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