February 2019: Editorial

Space, Energy and Sustainability

For the longest time, three things have been considered as basic necessities in our country – roti, kapda and makaan. These essentials though have not remained purely functional entities in our lives, and in fact, our relationship with them hasn’t remained as pragmatic as the adage suggests. Rich traditions around food, clothing and housing have continued to exist for millenia and continue to evolve. And they are (or have been for long) viewed as sacred creations.
While our tradition has a rich history of seeking higher energies and placing ourselves in the larger cosmic context, the philosophy of understanding energy, vibrations and frequency isn’t something unique to India. Egyptian, Mayan, and the Inca civilizations all considered astronomical alignments and elements of nature before designing structures and monuments. This understanding of space, geography and energy has manifested itself as various transcendental design and sacred space philosophies – Vaastu in India, Feng Shui in China and as Wabi Sabi in Japan.
In this issue of Bhoomi Magazine, we feature an article by Sashikala Ananth on the classical traditions and contemporary applications of Vaastu. And no, the feature will not focus on how you can find eternal peace and happiness by simply moving your L-shaped sofa towards the north-east. Do note that it is an introductory piece to the principles of Vaastu and that it may not answer all questions that a skeptic might have. Further reading is strongly advised.
We also feature Ajay Nityananda’s piece on the basics of natural building. The article makes us think about the true value of a creation and how humanness, sustainability and community are deeply embedded in natural building.
Bhoomi’s own effort has been to adopt the principles of nature while building learning spaces and also to promote community living and culture building.
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